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PASSENGERS: 1-2 people
CAPACITY: maximum 154 kg
MULTI-POSITION BUOY: can be used lying down, sitting or kneeling
COMFORT: Resistant nylon harness that prevents the rear part of the riders from hitting the water
TEASER: 8 lined foam handles for multiple positions
COATING: full resistant nylon with solid zipper
ATTACHED : Reinforced attachment point
BLADDER: High-capacity PVC
VALVE: inflation protected by a zippered cover. Fast inflation / deflation valve
INFLATED SIZE: 188 cm x 158 cm
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Towable Buoy • 2 People • Dimensions 188/158 cm • 8 nylon handles

The WOW Macho Combo is a new kind of towed buoy. It can be used like a traditional towed buoy, that is to say, lie flat on your stomach by gripping the handles, but if this position requires too much effort, you can also sit down. The Macho Combo is indeed multi-position and can be used lying down, sitting or kneeling. The seats are equipped with a resistant nylon harness which prevents the rear part of the riders from hitting the water. Flex Sit technology, a UV resistant material that matches the shape of the body, makes this buoy extremely comfortable. The Macho Combo is the versatile buoy par excellence because it allows children to be towed safely, which will not prevent them from satisfying thrill seekers.

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Weight 10 kg


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