PASSENGERS: 1-2 people
CAPACITY: maximum 154 kg
COMFORT: Secure seating system prevents ejection even in the event of severe shaking
POSITION: Multi-position buoy (can be used seated or kneeling) thanks to two traction points
ECONOMIC : Smooth gliding over water for lower fuel consumption
COLORS: vivid for better visibility on the water
CONNECTOR: 28 cm EZ Tow 4K included
SEATED : deep with high back for added security
HANDLES: foam lined with EVA protection for joints
PADS: EVA foam
COATING: full resistant nylon with solid zipper
BLADDER: High-capacity PVC
VALVE: inflation protected by a cover with fast zipper inflation / deflation
INFLATED SIZE: 175 cm x 172 cm
DEFLATED SIZE: 190 cm x 187 cm

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Tracetable Buoy • 2 Person • Size 190 / 187cm • 8 nylon handles

Bingo 2 has been specially designed to allow families to have fun. This small bomb is a 2 in 1 buoy because it is the only model with cockpit which is equipped with a traction point at the front and another at the rear. Its EZ Tow connector allows you to switch from one to the other very easily to slide into different positions, sitting with the pull point located at the front or kneeling if the connector is at the rear. The deep seat with high backrest makes you feel comfortable and safe, while the bottom of the buoy allows a smooth glide on the water with less grip and therefore lower fuel consumption. Bingo 2 will appeal to all family members, whether they prefer quiet sessions or thrill seekers


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