Length : 12’1″ / 368.3 cm
Width : 32″ / 81.3 cm
Thickness : 6″/ 15.2 cm
Volume : 351 L
Max payload : 165 kg
Recommended user weight : 80 to 110 kg


Who is the Raptor by Key West designed for?

The Key West Raptor Inflatable SUP is ideal for large paddlers, in calm waters as in waves. Its shape guarantees performance, handling and speed.

With its 12.1 “length, the board is perfectly designed for excellent gliding, perfect for long distances. Turbulence and drag effects are limited thanks to a tail shape specially designed to facilitate gliding, without sacrificing maneuverability or to the stability of the board!

Its 3 fins will allow you to navigate in all types of conditions: they allow a good grip and provide recovery in the waves, stabilize the board on flat water as in more rough water, and limit the effect “wiper” to its minimum.

Its relatively large length allows an unparalleled glide which, coupled with its natural stability, allows the exploration of ever more distant areas, without additional efforts.

Very stable thanks to its 32 “wide, the board is perfect for beginners or for children looking for a game support. The more experienced will also find their account because the board is playful and lively.

With its 6 inches thick the board is extremely rigid but remains light, which not only facilitates transport, but also favors the most difficult or radical maneuvers!

Born from the meeting between technique and design, the SUP Key West are ultra efficient on the water, but they are also distinguished by their style combining finesse and Zen spirit.

What could be better than a ride on the water, aboard a SUP proudly sporting a mandala, synonymous with tranquility and meditation?

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Additional information

Weight 15 kg


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