Length : 388.6 cm / 12’9″
Width : 35″ / 88.9 cm
Thickness : 15.2 cm / 6″
Volume : 421 L
Weight : 11.5 kg / 24.25 lbs
Fins : 1 centre fin + 2 side fins
Max payload : 220 kg



The Key West Kraken inflatable SUP has been designed for the family: it is ideal for practice in calm waters as in waves. Its shape guarantees performance, handling and speed. By allowing two people on board, the Key West Kraken will delight young and old.

A play platform for children or a board for romantic outings, the Kraken meets all the needs of children as well as those of parents.

Even if it can be used alone, what a pleasure to sail with two! Impressively rigid thanks to the use of quality materials and the most advanced bonding techniques, it briskly supports the weight of two adults, even of a large size.

With its 12.9 “length, the board is designed for excellent gliding, perfect for long distances. Turbulence and drag effects are limited thanks to a shape specially designed to facilitate gliding, without sacrificing maneuverability or stability board!

Extremely stable thanks to its 35 “wide, the board is perfect for beginners or for children looking for a play support. The more experienced will also find their account because the board is playful and lively.

Its 3 fins will allow you to navigate in all types of conditions.

Born from the meeting between technique and design, the SUP Key West are not only ultra efficient on the water, but they stand out for their style combining finesse and Zen spirit.

What could be better than a ride on the water, aboard a SUP proudly sporting a mandala, synonymous with tranquility and meditation?

The Key West Kraken is a true family SUP. It is ideal for both flat water and wave paddling. Its shape guarantees performance, speed and manoeuvrability. Whether it is used as a play platform for children or as a multi-rider SUP, the Key West Kraken will give you loads of fun. The more the merrier! Although this board can be ridden by a single rider, it’s always a pleasure to share the fun and that’s the reason why Key West designed the Kraken which can support two adults. At 12’9″ in length, the Kraken offers excellent glide and is perfect for long distances. Besides, the tail prevents the board from slipping sideways. Extremely stable thanks to its 35” in width, the board is perfect for beginners or for children. The more experienced paddlers will also enjoy the responsiveness of this SUP. The 3 fins will allow you to ride in all types of conditions. Key West paddle boards stand out due to the great level of performance they offer but also for their stunning look.

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Weight 18 kg


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