The Fitness Hub platform is perfect for any type of physical activity or yoga practice. Whether it is yoga, push-ups, squats or paddle training, each of your muscles will be stressed during the session, thereby improving your strength, balance and coordination. It is equipped with 16 lashing eyes on the deck, which allows up to 8 boards to be installed at the same time. The platform surface is covered with a 5 mm thick EVA foam pad to ensure maximum grip and comfort during your practice

In addition, four flexible handles are placed on the deck to execute the various poses of yoga. Stable, functional and fun, it is a real “must have” for SUP clubs or paddle yoga schools.
This platform can be used with the Aztron Venus 10.8 board .

The high pressure valve is strong and durable. It keeps the air inside the platform without any leakage. This is an important element on the water because the platform is thus able to maintain the same level of firmness for a long period of use. The recommended PSI for inflation is 15.

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