PASSENGERS: Airship buoy for 1 to 3 people
INFLATED SIZE: 188 x 188 x 155
COCKPIT: statement
OPTION: maneuverable
TECHNOLOGY: 8 drain plugs
MOORING: Eyelet with 3m rope for mooring
COMFORT: Comfortable cockpit perfect for relaxing out of the sun
CONVENIENCE : Easily spotted, more visibility on the water

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Go ahead on the water and steer the Aqua Treadmill by turning the buoy.
Pool / sea buoy • Size 188/188/155 • 3 Persons • Airship buoy

Leroy Peterson took over 20 years to come up with this brilliant, yet simple idea. Many brands have designed buoys for entertainment, but none of these products could actually move on water. This revolutionary idea is the Sprocket system (patent pending), used on the Aqua Treadmill. The Sprocket system allows users of this buoy to advance it on water up to a speed of 15 km / hour. You can also maneuver it by putting all your weight on one side or the other. And if you are tired of moving, the Aqua Treadmill will simply serve as a floating platform in which you can bask away from the sun’s rays. Thanks to its transparent materials, you can always see the direction in which you are heading, and its bright colors make it very easy to spot on the water. A concept that has not finished seducing…

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